Getting ready for the Con, and Thanksgiving at the parents immediately following it–should be fun, but the preparations for cons are always a bit exhausting, and adding most of a week worth of family visiting on top doesn’t help. Have run off endless prints, and still have a few more to go. Have the boxes about two thirds packed. Have to run off the price lists and whatnot. Still need to do laundry. A LOT of laundry. Tomorrow is gonna be like the guerrilla laundry strike. And a trip to the chiropractor. And pick up a prescription. And if anybody needs anything from me, get it now, before I’m gone!

I remember my first Furfest. I had exactly one small print box, maybe a half dozen paintings, and a small plastic tote containing calculator and reciept book. That was not all that long ago. Today I’ve got two large boxes ‘o Stuff, plus the print box, plus the plastic, plus twenty-odd paintings (I am probably not going to finish the battle hamster raid in time, alas, although I should go work on it right now) plus a laptop plus a printer. Sheesh. All that in the space of two years? The brain woggles.

I should probably not have taken the time yesterday to paint, but I regret nothing. Today, however, I must fight these urges, ‘cos I got Stuff That Needs To Be Done Right This Minute, Damnit.

I’d blame the Muse for being perverse, but the fact is, I think it’s just plain ‘ol human nature. ‘Course we could argue that the Muse is just human nature being anthromorphized. If you can in fact anthromorphize human nature, which would already BE human, so…um…anyway.

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