There is, on my desk, a shiny purple book with a screaming wockwurm on the cover, called “It Made Sense At The Time.”

I’m stoked. I just hope people won’t mind that it’s all weird sketches, many of them rough and unrefined. (Hey, I have to worry about SOMETHING. Unmitigated pleasure is just asking Fate to come along with a sledgehammer and whack you a good one up’side t’ head.)

And having been thinking about propaganda and so forth, I found myself idily wandering through collections of WW2 propaganda posters, some of which are spectacular and beautiful and could make strong men weep for the design sense displayed therein–and some of which are just friggin’ weird. Many of them are deeply corny to the modern eye. I wonder if people took them seriously then, or if in any time, there’s a cadre of people who look at an adorable waif saying “My Daddy bought me WAR BONDS!” and make helpless snorking noises in their throat. I sort of suspect the latter, people being fundamentally people, but then again, “King Kong” was terrifying in its day, so I dunno.

I wound up doodling, naturally. This silly little piece is based on a Russian poster, which had a fabulous design, but, um…no hamster.

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