Ignoring the Elephant

While I doubt more than two people saw it last night, given, y’know, the thing, TechTV, long around midnight, had the CEO of DeviantArt on their show “The Screen Savers.”

Now, you ask, why do I care? I had other things to think about last night, and I had to actually go look to see if I got TechTV on my cable plan, for heaven’s sake.

Well, because they’re showing some pieces from Deviantart, and one of ’em is supposed to be my painting “The Root Gate.” (Perhaps not the piece I’d have chosen, but not a bad one, by any means.) I was holding off saying anything, since you never know, but a coupla people on DeviantART have SAID they’ve seen it, so I guess it must have gone up. (I haven’t actually seen the show mind you.)

The show may be re-running here at noon, so I’ll be watching to see. Either way, first time I’ve had art on TV, even geek cable, so hey, that was kinda cool.

Edit: And there it is! It was up for maybe five seconds, but hey, they got my name under it, spelled correctly, so it’s all good. *grin*

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