Lumpy Lives!

I felt bad yesterday–there’s a squirrel out back with an injured hind leg. It’s dangling and useless, and the foot is pink and rather grotesquely swollen. While I consider rehabilitating an squirrel something of a waste of resources that could go to some other, more endangered creature–it’s like bunnies, I like bunnies, but come on, they’re nature’s Big Mac, and if there is only so much money and energy for conservation, I would as soon throw them at hawks or flying squirrels or something that NEEDS help–I neverthless hate to see an animal in pain, and certainly wouldn’t wish a lingering death of sepsis on my worst enemy.

If I had a gun, and could hit the broad side of a barn, I would be tempted to help nature along, even if it would make me feel bloody awful, but I don’t, and the little bugger can still get up a tree on three legs way faster than I can, so trapping him is right out, even if I wanted to risk a bite, which I don’t.

So I am watching closely today–if I see him again, I’ll call Animal Control and see if they have any advice.

However, while watching closely, I saw Lumpy! I lost track of him after the botflies dropped off, but he was on the railing today, looking healthy, identifiable by the two large patches where the fur has come in a different color and in the wrong direction. So evidentally he, at least, survived. I haven’t seen any bots lately, I think it may be a seasonal thing.

So that’s a good thing, even if I still feel bad for the hurt squirrel.

Edit: The squirrel–who in a fit of terrible un-PCness, I found myself calling “Gimpy”–is back, still dragging his leg around. I called a rehabilitator and left a message to see if they have any advice, but otherwise I guess I’ll just keep an eye on it.

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