I’m in a lousy mood today.

My gums have formed nasty hard raw ridges which have pulled away from the offending tooth (and the ones around it, because hey, why not?) and feel like raw hamburger. I’m in pain. I can’t take any serious drugs because I have to run errands, and y’know, “Do not operate heavy machinery.” People are hounding me for changes to art that I would have been happy to do weeks ago, but can’t possibly do now. D&D, which I was really looking forward to this week, since it’s been fairly unmitigatedly crappy otherwise, just got cancelled. I have too much to do, no time to do it, and my jaw feels like gnomes wearing cheese grater snowshoes are dancing across it.

I hate the three people who zipped past me while I was trying to pull out of a parking spot, requiring three seperate brake slammings. I wish nonspecific harm to all of them, although if I’m given the option, something involving an enraged badger wedged under the brake pedal sounds kinda cool.

I’m sick of the bloody election. I can’t even look forward to it being over, because nobody knows when it’ll be over. It’s like being trapped in a Sartre play. I don’t believe it’ll ever end. Simultaneously, I also believe it’ll be over in one day, because remember how worked up we all got about Y2K? I wish everybody in politics would be eaten by zombie allosaurs. I hate the GOP for complaining that trying to get minorities to vote is a waste of tax payer dollars, the DFL for undoubtedly engaging in some sort of fraud somewhere, thus depriving me of the moral high ground, and Nader for being a barking election-killing lunatic that makes me ashamed of that time I voted Green. I hate the Liberatarians for being insane, thus depriving me of even that slim appreciation. I hate everybody. We all suck. I’d move to New Zealand but I can’t afford it, and anyway it’d be chicken.

I know, I know. My natural ebulliance will out eventually, and I’ll realize the absurdity of sitting here gritting my teeth (carefully) and twitching, and I’ll be cheerful and philosophical. It’s inevitable. I’m too bloody happy a person.

But right now I’m in a foul mood, and goddamnit, I’m gonna enjoy it.


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