Let the record show that I am cautiously impressed with the effect of heroic doses of Ibuprofen. 800mg is twice what I’d normally take, not being the sort who exceeds recommended dosages without suggestion of a medical professional*, and it was sufficient to turn the normally ho-hum effects of Advil into “Hey, this is actually doin’ something!”

I’d prefer the enforced painlessness of Heavy Drugs, natually, but any port in a storm. Today hasn’t been nearly as bad, probably because of the massive Advil infusions, the occasional hot and cold compress, and I even managed a pretty solid nap instead of a festering semi-conscious paean to pain. I have high hopes that tomorrow I might achieve some measure of normal functionality.

I even got a little work done. Not much, mind you, but enough to make me feel that I’m not completely disjointed in time, the way doing nothing would. The Digger buffer’s probably gonna have to pick up the slack, since I’m not THAT functional, and unfortunately that’s gonna mean I’ll need to do some kind of massive one-month-of-digger-in-a-week explosion early next month, to catch up and get the buffer in place for my two-week Midwest Furfest-then-Thankgiving marathon, but I’m already expecting November to be a little wacky anyhow, so hey, what’s a little more?

*Ironic given my usage of recreational pharmecueticals, no? But I actually researched all my drugs very carefully first. In the school library. In retrospect, it was sorta like a “The More You Know…” commercial filmed in Bizarroworld.**

**And one of these days, I’ll figure out why my high school library had a copy of “The Doors of Perception.”

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