Slice of Life

Picked up James at work today, and were driving home, listening to a report on NPR about black-footed ferrets and ranchers who want to poison the prairie dogs that the ferrets are eating, claiming that it won’t hurt the ferrets. (Sure.)

“Gah!” I said. “Such bullshit! They’ll poison the ferrets!”

“They will?” said James.



“…well, the ferrets will eat the prairie dogs…”

“Ferrets EAT prairie dogs?!”


“Aren’t they weasels?”


“OH MY GOD! Weasels are carnivores?!”

Silence reigned briefly in the car.

“Drive!” screamed James. “I have to make a phone call!”

And while I whooped hysterically, “My god! I thought they ate fruit and nuts! Weasels down the pants is not nearly as funny as I thought! Drive! Drive!”

I love that guy.

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