Woot! Finally got my Anthrocon check.

Not bad at all. Everything went for minimum bid, (everything almost always goes for minimum bid, it seems) except for “The Grape” which went for three times the minimum bid, cracked a hundred bucks and blew my tiny little mind. It’s always the ones that you toss off in a fit of pre-con panic…

So that’s a good thing.

Sales numbers this month are solidly average, practically identical to last month, although the commission numbers are way, way up from usual, having gotten paid for the Weeks of Happy Frogdom. However, if you discount that one–great when it happens, but you get that sort of gig once a year if you’re lucky–commission numbers are also identical to last month, at around a third of the sales numbers. However, this month has been spent shifting a little more time to straight painting, (not through any great lessening of work load, but mostly in mental self-defense) and this shift will probably show up in later months as a decrease in commissions and an increase in sales. Maybe.

I know I spend a lot more money on art supplies now that I’m doing a lot more originals, though, but it’ll take until the end of the year and the ancient and ceremonial Tallying Of The Reciepts to see how that affects the numbers. While doing originals SEEMS like it has been profitable in the last three or four months, I suspect the supply cost will take a meaty chunk out of my bottom line.

Crimony, I’m actually contemplating sales figures, and I’m about ten minutes and a good excuse from a graph. When I embarked on a career in art, I had no idea I’d spend so much time doing so much capitalist math…

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