Oh. I’m the featured artist at Epilogue this month, and there’s a interview with me at http://www.epilogue.net/art/interviews/sept2004.html

Ironically, nobody mentioned when the thing was going up, or that it had, so I didn’t hear about it until someone wrote to say “Read the interview, great gallery,” and I went “What with the what now?”

But hey! Free publicity be good, sez I.

I dreamed in Fable interface last night, the legacy of playing nonstop from five in the evening until one in the morning. The interface, however, was about the only recognizeable bit, as I spent the rest in a vaguely high-school setting, with people handing out badly xeroxed political cartoons, and James, for no apparent reason, singing Johnny Cash tunes in the background. And a box of some relative of junior mints that claimed to be mothball flavored. Ooookay.

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