Woo! Finally got a chance to RP again after many, many moons…some buddies started up an Eberron campaign. James and I have never actually played anything d20, so there’s some rule fumbling still, but it was a fun startup session. I am playing a well-meaning-but-not-too-bright female paladin named Lance.* Lance has a live chicken**. This made combat particularly exciting, as I had to do the first encounter with the chicken strapped to my character’s back. Combat does not agree with the chicken. The chicken became distraught. James’s ranger ran up, clucking, in the middle of the encounter, intending to soothe the chicken. Unfortunately, he’s got a charisma score down in his toes, and was first level anyway, so the chicken became hostile. Nothin’ like trying to patch up the fallen while tied to an enraged chicken…

We spent the rest of the session, whenever there was downtime, with James’s ranger trying to charm my chicken, and failing miserably. Also, our other friend’s psychic whatsit slaughtered our contact. Somebody had to do it, I suppose. It’s not a campaign unless you immediately kill the people with all the valuable information, right? So we’ve started out the campaign by killing someone important, which gets it off in fine style. I’m looking forward to it!

*What? Lance is a good paladinly name!

**It has sentimental value. And eggs.

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