More Quick Doodles

Another coupla quick doodles in watercolor, featuring turtles…

Balthazar Disdains The Lemon

Turtles in Love (as predicted by Joseph Campbell)

It’s not high art, and certainly nowhere near the top of my skill level, but I enjoy doing these little noxiously cute (and occasionally disturbing) doodles anyway. I suppose it’s natural for artists to feel guilty when they do things that aren’t Mega Complex Art Of Doom–we get the whole “If you’re not challenging yourself with every single painting, you’re a stunted stagnating hack!” thing beat into us at an early stage. But I’ve been finding that a lot of my ideas are just dumb, cute, weird things, and almost need a quick and silly handling. So I alternate the big, complicated acrylics with the little cute doodles. And I enjoy it! And people seem to like ’em! And they sell really fast! And I should stop feeling guilty! It’s okay to do art for fun sometimes!

And besides, as we all know, cute is the new shocking.

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