In relief and joy at being done with happy frogdom (except for the edits) I painted this little Christiansen-inspired guy (And YES, Rafferty, it’s a rat!)

My original thought was to draw it all out carefully and paint around the edge of each little individual bit. Then I said “Screw dat!” and just painted in the big bags and the chest–everything else I added in over the top. That’s the nice thing about the covering power of acrylic, and it took a great deal less time–I was able to do his entire pack in an afternoon. Ah…sweet clayboard. I should get more. Except that I’ve run ’em out of the cradled stuff and need to wait for their warehouse to ship more.

Photography came out a LOT better this time, with the new lighting. The washout, while still present, is a great deal reduced, and the colors came out nice and bright. James is doing all the photography, and hopefully it’ll get better with time.

Man, so nice to be able to spend most of a day on one of MY pieces again!

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