Well, I still don’t know if chiropractors are witch doctors or legitimate medical professionals, and the anecdotal evidence seems to fall on both sides of the fence. But the Skeptic’s Dictionary, my ultimate guide to quackery, says that while the theory’s a crock, there does seem to be solid evidence that they can help with back pain.

And I’ve never been to one, so in t’grand ol’ tradition of inquiry, I’ve made an appointment to check it out for myself. My buddy Leonor recommended hers, and since her doctor recommendation was fantastic, I’ve made an appointment.

Hell, at this point, if they can even make inroads on the pain and give me some advice on how to deal with my creeping artist’s hump, I’ll count it a co-pay well spent. And fortunately, the standard complaint that they make you come back every ten minutes for a readjustment, is unlikely to arise in my case, ‘cos I’m a seriously cheap bastard.

I’ve tried doing nothing for back pain, and I’ve tried drugs for back pain. (And the drugs are much more fun.) Now I’ll try a chiropractor, and I suppose next time I’ll have to knuckle down and find a reiki practicioner or an acupuncturist or something. (My father, also an inherent skeptic, tried a traditional acupuncturist while in China, on the principle that when your back goes out in Rome… He said it worked surprisingly well, although finding one for a Westerner was kinda tricky.) Then I can compare all the methods and see what minimized pain and cost most effectively.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

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