Dodo Love

I flipped over to DeviantART to discover that my Anti-Dodo Propaganda and the Ascent of Dodo watercolor were two of the five top faves.

I went “….?”

Who knew there was such love for the dodo? I’ve never given the dodo any thought prior to last night. I did a sketch of a dodo shaman once, many many years ago, for someone on Elfwood who had drawn me an aurochs, and hadn’t thought of dodokind as other than a tragicomic moment in natural history since. And yet, there we have it–dodo love.

Or possibly evolution love which happened to feature the dodo. This may be more plausible.

Yet, I confess, there was a brief and glorious moment when I fantasized about witnessing a sudden surge of dodo popularity, of seeing dodoes replace foxes as everybody-and-their-brother’s avatar, of a bright new age of sultry dodo porn and vehement denials that it was really all about the sultry dodo porn. Dodo fursuits would abound.* Would we see dodo-gryphs surge in popularity, then be dismissed as cliche, only to appear as stray tailfeathers on hybrid whatsits? Would the anime dodo-girl bridge the gap between furry and anime fans? Had the hour of the dodo come ’round at last?

Well, probably not. Closer inspection would seem to indicate that because Billy vs. Satan had been a top fave earlier, I was just getting the clickthrough boost that always results from that, and those were my two most recent uploads, so it was probably more a matter of statistics and front-page advertising than of having tapped a vast groundswell of hidden affection for our late flightless friends.

Still, it was a nice ego boost, and now I’m totally in the mood to paint dodoes.

*Seriously, as a public service, I’ll give a free digital commission, $200+ value, to the first person to build a serious dodo fursuit. I’m guessing it’d cost way more than that to build, mind you, so you’d have to want to do it ANYWAY, but I’ll leave the Ursula Dodo Prize out there just in case.

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