Billy Vs. Satan — The Painting

This is the one that finally proved to me how much my poor, faithful scanner has gone–it ate the subtle colors, and all my retouching could not restore the painting to the full snazziness the background has in person. (It really lets go in the reds, which is why this was noticeable–the Angel of Gearworld piece scanned quite well, being heavily into blues, but you get subtle red shades and the scanner just chokes.) ‘Course, photography being what it is, it’s not perfect either and blows out the whites, so I gotta juggle how to input what on a piece by piece basis.

I’d get a new scanner, prices having come down amazingly since I got this one the better part of a decade ago, but standard sizes have also come down rather a lot, alas, and until the taxes are paid off, one big enough for my purposes just ain’t in the cards. Oh, well, thems the breaks. Maybe next year.

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