When did our culture develop this…thing…that if you believe something, it’s true, and that all beliefs are valid?

Because, let’s face it, kids, all beliefs are not valid, and no matter how tolerant and PC we get, and how many choruses of “We Are The World,” we sing, all beliefs are not true, all personal truths are not created equal, and no matter how hard you believe you can fly, gravity will smack your sorry ass into next week.*

I am getting kinda tired of the whole floofy “if it’s true for you, that’s good enough,” thing that’s been goin’ around for awhile. Yeah, yeah, it’s all noble and inclusive, sure, you’re undoubtedly a better person than I am. It’s also a load of crap, and you oughta know it.

Sometimes, people are just plain wrong. Period. Instead of trying to cushion people from this fundamental fact of life by inventing tortured and meaningless sentences whereby we can make them think that their stupidest belief is as deeply valid as any other, we should just learn to accept that sometimes people are wrong.

I’ve had deeply cherished beliefs that were a load of crap. Some of my current deeply cherished beliefs will undoubtedly eventually be proved to be a load of crap. I would rather get over this, acknowledge it, and move on, then cling to my dismally wrong belief on the principle that it’s true for me, and that’s good enough.

Thank you, that is all. (Ranty this weekend, aren’t I?)

*At this point, some wiseass in the audience always says “Well, if you really believed, maybe you COULD fly.” Yes, we all saw Peter Pan too. Until you bring me video footage–really good, solid, non-tinkered-with footage–or better yet, do it in front of me,** I’m gonna maintain that’s a load of crap. The burden of proof is on you on this one.

**Flight must be unaided. You are allowed to flap your arms if you want to, though.

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