Our spider came back last night, built up his web, and this morning is gone again, taking it with him. I’m sure this is a perfectly logical spider behavior, but from where I’m sitting, that looks like a damn smart–or at least polite!–spider.

In theory, I suppose, Darwinian evolution should work for courtesy, too. If we kill all the rude bugs, the polite ones will rule the earth.

Had a strange dream last night. In between the nonsensical bits (and really, how much is left?) I was crouched over a stream with a prospector’s pan, panning through the dirt. Except instead of gravel, this streambed was made of various small objects–buttons, watches, widgets, and what not–and I kept picking out all these tiny jade carvings of Ganesh. Huh. Maybe I need a remover of obstacles…or maybe so many obstacles have been removed of late, I should find a way to thank the compassionate gentleman. (Well, I feel like thanking SOMEBODY, and Ganesh is the most likely candidate in my case. And certainly the coolest looking.)

I kinda doubt, however, that there are any temples to Ganesh in the Cary area, so I dunno what’s the polite thing to do. I have a somewhat odd relationship with this deity, in that, using him in Digger as I do, I have this kind of perpetual feeling of obligation. This is a god who I am working for serious creative mileage. I dunno if he likes that sort of thing. Although I assume if he didn’t like it, he’s got plenty of methods for dealing with it, and since doing “Digger” has been one long sequence of obstacles melting, I suppose he must be fine with it. Still. It’s probably polite to thank the god you’re using as a plot point. I wonder if there’s an Hindu advice column I can write to or something.

Not unlike my relationship to Money Frog, I am a hardheaded rationalist who would not for a moment insist that there is any logical basis for my belief, or that anyone should think I’m anything but a slightly addled nutball for thinking it. Then I go back and pet Money Frog when cash comes in anyway, because humans like to believe in things. I figure as long as I don’t start roaming around smiting people (“Blood and souls for my lord Money Frog!”) or insisting that they teach Moneyfrogism in schools, or try to claim any particular moral high ground because I am the Favored of Money Frog, it’ll be fine.

I wonder if Ganesh takes Paypal…

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