Empty Nest

Went out today, and the nest is clean. Has it been two weeks already? The last few times I checked, I could see the white stripes of wren cheek-bars in the relative gloom of the nest–presumably meaning that they were fledging already–and today they’re gone. They’re in such a dim area–inside a nest, inside a box, back of a shelf, shaded by the house–that I was never able to get any photos that weren’t a dark blur, unless I wanted to disturb them by hauling the nest around, which of course, I didn’t. But there were two babies that made it, and I guess they’re probably out hopping around, being herded in short flights by their parents.

I realize that Carolina wrens will nest literally anywhere, but I still feel kinda privileged to have hosted ’em. If they survive the appalling mortality rate of young birds, hopefully they’ll come back next year and have some suet.

Good luck, little guys!

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