At the risk of sounding immodest–damn, I make a lotta art.

I mean, I know intellectually that as artists go, I’m fairly prolific, but knowing that, and actually having to run off at least one print (and sometimes four or five, for the big sellers, like “Walking the Frog” and “Sir Bunny”) of everything I’ve done since last year, are two entirely different things.


I’m sitting here, chewing methodically through boxes of archival heavyweight, and I’m still just getting the new work together. Filling up the stock of the ones that always sell out, like the tribal wombat and Shungabunny and god help me, Gothbat, hasn’t even started yet.

I’m half-expecting to drop my print books on the table and have it collapse under the weight. I hope people don’t get bored flipping through them.

On the bright side, since this is not a huge monster Con and I simply won’t move THAT big a print volume, this should set me up, at least partially, for Midwest Furfest, which is where I first learned the lesson “Bring everything and the kitchen sink, because there’s no predicting ANYTHING.”

I keep swearing that THIS is the Con where I will have a handy-dandy spreadsheet that has all my prints on it so that I can actually track sales, which is something that I should have been doing for at least a year, and haven’t been. Man. I hate having to do things like that. It takes me away from painting.

On the other hand, this might not be a bad thing…

Having said that, here’s not a painting, but a quick doodle that amused me:

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