Danger! Danger!

So “Irrational Fears” is going to be running over at Modern Tales Longplay for a month–they needed something to fill a slot, they put out a call to the MT people, and on a whim, I said “Hey, I got this thing that most people probably haven’t read yet, it’s a little weird and the art is kinda crude now, but if you really are desperate…” And they really were desperate. (Don’t subscribe to MT in hopes of new content–it’s just the self-contained Under-the-Bed story. Subscribe to MT for other reasons, like that it’s a cool site.)

So I needed to make up some graphics for it. So I opened that dusty and long-untouched folder labelled “Irrational” to pull up the pages and see what I could find.

And there were two files with unfamiliar names.

And I opened them.

And they were the opening to the Mothman adventure, all laid out, but with just the crude thumbnails and no art. I don’t remember writing them, but there they are, in which Chu rents a truck and gets some equipment built and drives off to West Virginia singing along to Tom Waits.

The files are calling my name.

But I CAN’T! I mean, even aside from the swamp of doom, if I did the first two pages, I couldn’t put them up because then people would demand more, and then I’d have to finish the Mothman story, and it’d take forever, and I don’t have time. I don’t have anything like time. I have NO TIME. I can just barely fit in originals into my schedule because I can sell them and get money, if I’m lucky, and I need them for the cons, but I have no time at all for another comic, even just a short vignette, and the plot idea, which I vaguely remember, is probably stupid anyway and then people’d hate it and I’d have expended time and energy on making people think I’m a hack. No. Can’t do it. Keeping up with Digger is already a struggle with my current workload. I cannot do it. I can’t. No way, no how.

But still, in tiny, hissing chupacabra voices, it calls my name…

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