In which Ursula cannot get her ego through the door for a week…

I got a very nice note this morning from one of the GoH’s at Anthrocon–Michel Gagne, of insanely twisted rabbit fame, who bought my lurking sock puppet painting and had wanted to say that he liked my art, and that he’d mentioned it in his con report if I wanted to read it.

Needless to say, picking my jaw off the keyboard and giggling hysterically took most of breakfast. And since according to said Con report, he gave his GoH choice award to the very deserving TK Labus–and I got one anyway–that means–I think–that it was Stan Sakai of Usagi Yojimbo fame who liked my warthog painting.

At that point, my ego hit critical mass and all higher brain functions went into total shut down to try to save what shreds of humility were still clinging to the inside of my skull. Big metal rolls slamming down over the windows, klaxons blaring, a pleasant female voice saying “System meltdown in…five…four…three…” thousands of tiny pink lizards in hard hats fleeing screaming through my brain–well, you know, the usual.

Fortunately, my friend Dave immediately pointed out that however I might be as an artist, I was still petrified of the common garden millipede.

“But they’re a gram of pure evil!” I said.
“They’re small and crunchy,” he said.
“Evil can be crunchy.”

And fortunately, by the time this was over, meltdown had been averted. So now I feel all warm and fuzzy and terrified of millipedes, and life is good.

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