My latest Weird Fruit painting isn’t working. I did “Radishes of Paradise” which are perched like birds. And the idea is solid, and the composition is good, but…the execution didn’t quite work. It’s not anything I can put my finger on, but it just ain’t there. I think I pushed it too far, too fast or something, in my wild enthusiasm for the subject and the media. So that’ll sit in my studio and be glared at for awhile. I’ll try another one later–I’ve got no shortage of ideas for ’em–but these are Not Working.

However, I did this, and I was really pleased with the rocks, and the more I learn about the weird little hooded ungulates, the more I like ’em. So on the whole, it was a positive art day, even if having paintings fail always makes me a little sad and grumpy.

At long last, after many travails–particularly that awful thing with the water buffalo and the kumquat, he’d be waking up screaming for years after THAT–the hooded donkey had arrived, his goldfish at the ready. Nothing could stop him now!

Acrylic and some other random stuff on that snazzy cradled clayboard, which I am deeply madly truly in love with. It’ll go to Trinocon, unless someone would like to buy it first. And I can do prints!

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