Some exciting news today! Sofawolf announced it, so I can finally discuss it here–they’re publishing a book of my stuff, hopefully in time for Midwest Furfest. It’ll be a B&W sketchbook sort of thing mostly, so it’ll be primarily stuff that isn’t available on-line–sketches, the original line drawings for various paintings, weird random doodles of the sort I occasionally post here, etc, all with, um, commentary. (Probably at greater length than anyone wants to read…) So hopefully it’ll come together, and be snazzy!

Presumably it’ll be available for order through their website, so I’ll put a link up here late November (or whenever.)

So that was really gratifying to have come together–we’d been talking about doing it for a coupla months, and it looks like it will. I feel warm ‘n fuzzy.

And the pears sold. I am sorely tempted by the calender idea–I dunno if my passion for weird fruit would sustain another ten paintings, but I can’t help but think it’d be pretty snazzy. I just worry vaguely that if forced to sit through another TEN paintings, people will think I’m doing it as a saleable gimmick. And stagnating. And…y’know.

And then I think “Screw it, antlered turnips would be COOL.”

Artistic angst cannot hold up long against the onslaught of the antlered turnip. Or the lemonlopes.

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