Okay, gang, I’m stumped. Help me think of a caption for this piece


suitable for going on a T-shirt. If we can come up with a good one, I’ll try and get ’em printed. (Okay, even if we can’t come up with a good one, but that’ll be boring!)

Somewhere on the shirt will also be “DIGGER” and “www.graphicsmash.com”–either under the image, or printed on the back, depending on what my printer says.

Obviously it should be interesting and/or funny, and probably not too much of an in-joke. All I’ve come up with, however, is “Too much adventure for a placental mammal to handle,” so you can see that obviously I’m in need of help here!

And if they do go on T-shirts, we’ll see if we can’t set up some kind of reward if we use the slogan, although I’m still checking on that one.

Update: Okay! Having heard back from the fabulous EMG, here’s the deal! The caption will go on the front, under the art. Reasonably short and pithy is good. The winning caption, chosen arbitrarily by me, but which is definitely influenceable by public opinion, will get their very own Digger T-shirt once they’re available.

So! Enter your caption below, like we’re already doin’, and if you like somebody else’s (as we’re also doing) drop a note under it to say “Yeah! This is brilliant!” or whatever. I’ll come back in, oh, three days, let’s say, and pick a winner.

If you don’t have an LJ-account for whatever reason, just leave your name in an anonymous comment, or e-mail me, and I’ll note the entry.

Thank you, guys!

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