My buddy Kathy and I went for a walk despite the heavy rains today. (It is a testament to my keen powers of observation that I realized there was a thunderstorm on just after the thunder rattled the windows.) And as we were walking along this green belt, we saw little teeny tiny froggies.

They were wet-asphalt colored, with pale underbellies. They were miniscule. I believe they had somewhat pointed snouts. They would sit on the path, then startle when we walked along and go leaping in great straining leaps until they’d gotten maybe a foot and stop.

Kathy caught one and I produced a dime I’d beaten into submission earlier. Two of these little guys could fit on a dime, possibly three if they were good buddies.

They did not look much like tree frogs, but instead like miniature toads. My attempts to locate them online are foiled by size–the only things that seem small enough are the little grass frogs, which are nocturnal tree frogs and not the right shape for these darling little beasties.

Any of you guys know what they were?

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