Well, the day of my birthday was great–sold an original, hung out with friends, had a buddy drop by unexpectedly, bought books–all fabulous.

The day after, unfortunately, was not so fabulous, as my machine, which had been slowly becoming more and more cantankerous, finally was found floating belly-up in the fishbowl, and had to be taken apart several times until James found a faulty memory stick, and then have Windows re-installed. (To be fair, as James pointed out, I had last installed in 2001, and my system ought to be eligable for some kind of award for venerability.)

Today, I reinstall stuff. Since I have gotten virtually no work done this weekend due to that, I am going to spend the next week in a kind of feverish painting haze, made worse by the fact that there is NOTHING that gets the creative juices in hyper-gear like having the computer down, resulting in several painting ideas that I must, must, must paint.

Hopefully this is not going to be some kind of omen for the next year of my life. (I knew an anvil had to be headed this way…)

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