This is the last day that I will be twenty-six, and naturally, I’m spending it skittering around getting work done and errands run like a nervous salmon with a very poor sense of direction. “Gotta get food…and printer ink…and a present for kid brother…oo! Bookstore! I could get him books!” Found the book of Norse myths illustrated by Rodney Matthews, so that was a score. It’s probably a little old for him, at five, but that never stopped me as a child. Should send him the Narnia books soon. It was his birthday Monday, but I’m bad with dates. I’ve got him two books, but I need to get him a couple more cool things, since the packages from my folks for my birthday just arrived, and there’s an unexpected crapload of ’em.

And now, of course, the temptation sets in…do I open them now, or wait virtuously until tomorrow?

Only one day left on lizard print set auction! (If you can’t figure out Furbid, you can also just e-mail me with an order–it’s a Dutch auction, and I’m not picky.)

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