It never rains, but it pours.

Woke up this morning to discover a rather large project in my in-box–the art director needs it ASAP, not much in the way of guidelines, use my imagination, do work like the last set I did for them, but please help! Using my imagination is generally much easier for me than having to meet strict image requirements, so this is a good thing. And I’m eager to do it because I have learned that if you help out an art director in dire time straits, you have often made a friend for life, which is a VERY good thing, but combined with all the other good things currently on tap, including a logo design dumped in my lap the other day, the ongoing Fans work (three-quarters done, but still a ways to go yet, with deadline starting to loom on the horizon) and the commissions I have ongoing, and some other projects I agreed to, and of course, Digger, I have an embarassment of work.

This is pretty much how freelancing goes, mind you. Feast and famine. I’m delighted to get it all, but it’s a little mentally overwhelming. I just have to not think about the totalities and just keep doing the Next Thing To Be Done.

The irony is that I was so grumpy yesterday, I had planned to take today off to work on a painting that I’m really enjoying and wanted to work on.

And goddamnit, I’m gonna do it anyway. It will mean having to work this weekend, but I don’t care–strike while the iron is hot, and if you don’t work on the stuff you do for love, it’s a lot harder to enjoy working on the stuff you do for money.

I had sent out a mailing to White Wolf and WotC a few weeks back, thinking “Hmm, I could use the work, and it’s worth a shot,” and the even greater irony is that now if they wanted to get some work from me, I’d be in–well, not quite a world of hurt, but a smallish planetoid of distinct discomfort, anyhow. I’d still take it, just to get my foot in the door there, of course–I’ve been trying to get my foot in those doors for years!–but I would be forced to turn hermit.

Well, more hermit…

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