Is it just me, or has the way we’ve gone from “Mission Accomplished” grandstanding to Defeat-in-Iraq-is-not-inevitable, just a teensy bit disturbing?

I’m not talking about the Official Position, here, since my faith in most of those officials, on the filling-a-mustard-seed scale, would leave room for a couple of armchairs and a nice sofa, and anyway, given the whole Bush thing about admitting they were wrong, Iraq could turn into something that makes Vietnam look like a petting zoo and he’d claim that he meant to do that, and anyway, it was Clinton’s fault. But the general tone of other observers has shifted from a sort of “Of course we’re going to WIN, but what will the world think? and will we administer the new Iraq properly?” to a rather alarming “Well, we could still win, if…”

It’s just kind of a creepy shift. Even if it doesn’t represent the actuality of the situation, the public morale seems to be in it’s toes.

Also, I know he’s a Republican, but Christ, I’d vote for John McCain so fast…

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