More frogs from my current spate of physical media madness! My studio is wall-to-wall canvases/boards covered in splatters at the moment. They’ve sort’ve wandered from “trying to make concrete” to “random abstract” backgrounds, and whether the frogs are chameleons or transparent, I’ve no idea. But I’m fine w’ dat.
Full size, it’s only 5 x 5, since I’m trying to do small originals for inexpensive sale at Cons–they come for the big art, they can afford the small art, etc. (God, sometimes I hate all the marketing that goes into art. I just wanna paint, man!)
12 x 12, acrylic on board. I don’t know, something about the black blots appeals me.

These guys will presumably be going to Anthrocon, unless someone buys them first.

Today, branching out from the frogs, and into a weird little hooded horse thing with a cardinal…

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