So the little capybara climbed up on Blood Gatherer’s broad and slimy back and found the itch, and scratched it with his webbed claws. Blood Gatherer glomphed and lashed and thrashed, but very carefully, so as not to shake the little capybara off.

When the itch was finally gone, Blood Gatherer said “Well, I’m a Lord of Xibalba, and I’m really not supposed to go around helping people, but since you helped me, I’ll tell you this—the owl carried your sloth friend right past here. But this tunnel goes into Xibalba, the underworld, where my eleven brothers live, and if I were you, little capybara, I’d turn around now and go home.”

“I can’t go home yet,” said the little capybara, “I have to find Stanley.”

“Fine,” said Blood Gatherer, with a great glomphing sigh, “then you’d better get going. But see if you can’t find the Mosquito, and maybe she can help you.”

I’m thinking that if I do follow this project any length of road, I’d want a combination of full splash pagers and little inset panels like this. And that’s about as much planning as I intend to do, since I know enough about my creative process that in-depth planning is a much surer death than just doing a painting or two that ultimately doesn’t get used.

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