Plants! Glorrrious plants! I am all aflutter. I picked up a honeysuckle today while I was out buying ink and paper–five bucks, well established, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, who could ask for more? My honeysuckle didn’t do well in AZ–I think it might’ve been too hot and dry for it–but they’re supposed to do better here.

And my seeds are coming up! I don’t know what seeds–I think they’re alyssum, but god only knows, my labelling skills are abysmal–plus another nasturium seems to have finally decided to grace us with its presence. I love nasturium. Good thing the dollar store sells cheap-ass pots.

Squirrels got another bird bar, but they’re avoiding the “hot meats” sunflower seed mix like the plague. I had been getting a feeder drained every two days, but fill it with the hot stuff, and they won’t touch it, so it’s prey only to the much gentler depradations of the carolina chickadees and the dark-eyed juncos.

Having read up on how to attract migratory birds, I put out a shallow ceramic basin of water. Not sure if any of ’em will spot it, but we’ll see. The undeveloped greenbelt-ish thingy does most of the bird attracting, and I can only container garden on the deck, (our landlady will let me plant anything I want around the house, but the soil is piss-poor and would require a diamond-edged trowel to break up.)

The woods behind the house have gone from french-gray and russet to a rather darker french-gray and brilliant chartreuse, that giddy, irresponsible color that I hate in a colored pencil and love passionately on the tips of twigs. Spring is like a berserker fit. I want to charge madly into the woods brandishing potting soil and attack something until I drop from exhaustion and my Viking hordes (it’s my fantasy, so I can have Viking hordes if I want to) drag me home on my shield, sap-stained but unbowed.

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