Happy Little Capybara Visits The Mayan Underworld (1)


“Excuse me,” said the happy little capybara, “but did an owl carrying a sloth come by here?”

“Go away,” said Blood Gatherer grumpily.

The capybara was screwing up his courage to ask again, because Stanley the sloth was his best friend in the whole world and had to be found, when Blood Gatherer suddenly began thrashing and lashing and glomphing about like a tube sock stuffed full of cats.

“Are you okay?” asked the happy little capybara, when Blood Gatherer had finally stopped thrashing about, and was panting on the floor of the cave.

“I have an itch between my shoulderblades,” said Blood Gatherer even more grumpily, “and my arms are too short to reach it.”

I need another project like I need a compound fracture of my drawing hand, but what can you do? I’m still not sure if this the style I want–Blood Gatherer takes up most of the page and he’s a fairly simple design, and ideally I’d like a style capable of elaborate detail, what with all the lovely Mayan architecture. So it’s really more of a work in progress at the moment. But I kinda like the way the HLC came out in this scene.

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