Saw Hellboy.

Don’t know the comic at all, but it was a very good movie–I enjoyed it more than “Spiderman,” and definitely a lot more than “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” to rank it for comic adaptations. Good flick. Made me want to read the comic, anyhow. Not bad at all.

And the Lovecraftian tentacled horrors didn’t make me immediately groan and roll my eyes, and hell, I groaned and rolled my eyes READING Lovecraft (particularly midway through “Call of Cthulhu,” although it’s really not H.P.’s fault–nobody could’ve done justice to the build up) so that was good. They looked like freaky tentacled horrors. I was not struck down to madness, left gibbering the names of subway stations and screaming “Tekili-li!” mind you, but that’s a pretty tough effect to pull off in any event, and I can hardly fault them for their failure to provide a cosmic horror sufficient to unbalance the audience.

After that, spent a pleasant evening playing Magic with friends. Geektacular joy, all around! FEAR MY TRAGIC POET OF DOOOOOM!


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