Market Research Ahoy!

So I’m hoping to take advantage of the swapmeet function to sell Digger T-shirts–the incomparable Ellen Million, who handles most of my merchandising, assures me that it’s possible, and I’m excited by the prospect. (Irrational Fears and Gothbat T’s will probably also be forthcoming, but Digger first)

And that, O dear readers, leads me to you guys, and market research.

What sort of design would you like to see in Digger T-shirts, mousepads, etc? Any particular page or panel that strikes you as “Man, that’s be a great T-shirt!”? Left to my own devices, I would probably fall back on Digger leaning on the title, uttering the line “We’re like biceps with feet!” but I wanted to get ideas!

Also, anything you’d like to see as a print? The color cover art? Any others? I could do signed prints of any of the pages the same way I do prints of paintings, I just don’t know if people are interested in any of ’em in particular…

Thoughts, ideas, mad rambling–all welcome!

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