Busy today.

Verrrrry busy.

Sold the original to “Snorkus, Liberator of Goldfish” this morning, though, so that was a Good Thing. Gotta make some cash for the taxes–our savings, which had been set aside to pay them (we’ve been self-employed for a few years, we know the drill!) were unfortunately mostly gutted by the period of unemployment last year, plus the two-moves-in-eight-months thing. We’ll file an extension, and with a little luck, I’ll make enough to cover ’em by August, but it’s still a sort of “Unghrk” thing knowing that you are probably gonna owe three or four times what you’ve currently got.

But on the bright side–this is the last time we have to worry about it! Yay, actual employer! I’ll still be self-employed, of course, but James outta easily cancel that out. And that makes it a lot better.

Now, back to the grind…

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