Saga of the Tube: The End…Or Is It?

Took the tube down to the post office yesterday. Did not have to go medieval, as the woman listened to my speech and said “Those idiots!” a doubtless-calculated ploy that nevertheless appeased me. She had me rewrite the address labels, placed them on in the fashion that she assured me would cause the idiots in question to read the correct label, covered the charges to re-mail the thing, and apologized for the stupidity of the world.

Good customer service is so rare.

We’ll see if I get the tube again, though.

In other news, looks like some real work finally came down the pike. Woot! Details to follow.

And the weather here is demented.

First it snowed. Okay. I can handle that.

Four days later, it was eighty.

I can handle that.

Four days after THAT, following several days of warm balminess with a thunderstorm thrown in for color, they are predicting snow again.

While this is supposed to be a very mild climate, I am starting to wonder if the mildness comes from just averaging the weird extremes together and coming up with sixty degrees.

I’m looking forward to spring, though–the buds are starting up on all the trees, the camellias are blooming like Mucha gone mad, the daffodils came out last week, and I’m excited.

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