Yesterday, I mailed a print. It was in a tube. The tube had two pre-printed labels on it, clearly labelled “To” and “From.” Because I have the brains the good lord gave an eggplant, I carefully wrote my address in “From” and the recipient’s address in “To.” I took it down to the UPS store, paid the postage, and off it went.

All right, you can all see where this is going.

Today, I open the mailbox and discover that, yup, I’ve recieved a shiny tube labelled in a very familiar handwriting. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I opened it up, I would find a very familiar print, too.

I double checked four or five times. Yup, I labelled it correctly all right. To, From, basic prepositions, same as I learned in school.

Tomorrow I will put it in the mailbox with a nice note saying “Please deliver to the “TO” address, not the “FROM” address. We’ll see if that works…

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