Today has been my week for belated Christmas gifts, and I love it. kalluna got me a lovely little head of Ganesh for the wall, and ajare_demon (who, until I die, I will think of as a felinoid barbarian named Slash, and have a regrettable tendency to address packages to her thusly) sent me a fantastically marked African locust. It’s so cool! It’s got magnificently black spotted wings and maroon armor. I could almost understand what gryllus sees in bugs. Almost. It helps that it’s dead and looking like an object d’art rather than wiggly and flailing those lovely little limbs about like a bug.

Now I gotta actually get my arse in gear and send Slash her present, which, what with the moving and all…well, y’know.

This is probably my record for most usernames linked in one post, but I was feeling like an overachiver today. In that vein, slapped a bunch of prints into frames and hung them, (mostly from trades which had been languishing unhung,) did laundry (requires laundromat) mailed schtuff, sent various essential e-maily bits and got various essential e-maily replies. Not much work at the moment, but that’s to be expected following the move–freelancing is one of those momentum things, and once you shut down for a month, it takes awhile to get the engines heated up again. Should get some work rolling in in a coupla weeks on at least one front, though, so s’all good. And I should really get my arse in gear and do some real paintings while I’ve got down time.

Now, to finish up the next Digger and get that buffer back in place…

Oh, also–I think I can announce this–Digger’s contract was happily renewed at Graphicsmash, so the wombat need not go seeking a new home come March. I wasn’t worried, actually, more because of being busy as sin than out of any particular self-assurance, but it’s nice to know.

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