Since everybody’s talking about it, and even my father mentioned it in a recent e-mail*, and as an outgrowth of a comment I left on spacehyena’s journal, I feel like reiterating my stance on gay marriage–forgive me if this is a repeat, since I know at least half the people I’m preaching to are members of the choir.

If two consenting adults want to get married, unless I’m one of them, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t get to have a legal opinion on it. I certainly shouldn’t be allowed to stop it. There are plenty of heterosexuals that I think are unbearably icky and should never be allowed to be naked, let alone to propagate, but I don’t get to legislate other people’s love lives just ‘cos I find ’em icky. And this is as it should be, and furthermore, I don’t lose sleep over it.

See, I have a life. Not much of one, admittedly, but I have hobbies, and friends, and marginally marketable skills. Because of this, I have a whole myriad of things that I can be doing at any given time other than worrying about the love lives of people I don’t know, let alone attempting to control them. If you spend a great deal of time worrying about the love lives of people you don’t know, and are not an advice columnist, you undoubtedly need to get a hobby.

I suggest stamp collecting.

* Which prompted an amusing conversation between James and I–
Me: “Dad wrote me an e-mail. He talked about gay marriage and Leviticus. He’s against it.”
James: (startled) “Against gay marriage?”
Me: “No, against Leviticus.”

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