Update on Digger Donation sketches!

Took me a while to get these out–you don’t want to know how many times I drew Digger, and the holidays put the kibosh on everything–but realizing that I just needed to address these envelopes, I have done so at last! So the next wave will be going out tomorrow. This should cover everybody who just requested Digger–you’ve either gotten it already or should get it soon!–but I’ve still got a few special requests to go yet. (A few people did not include their mailing address with their donation, and will be getting an e-mail asking if they’d like one and requesting the info if so, in the next few days.)

As previous warned, I did get a little weird towards the end, so someone’s getting “Digger has a hideous nightmare of mimehood” and “Digger steps in something unpleasant,” and “Wombat playing poker” but y’know…

Thanks again to everyone who donated!

(Man, got a painting done today, got all these sketches ready to go out, painted half a planter, got most of a Digger done…this is gonna be a productive year!)

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