Obviously it’s just the month for Digger publicity! Interview with yours truly went up in the Modern Tales newsletter if any of you wanna read yet again about…well…”Why wombats?” (We also covered the fact that Digger is rather less violent than many of the strips at Graphic Smash, and a bit about the transition from illustration to comic artist and the mental reprogramming required.
I dunno who picked out the panels that go along with the text, but I thought they meshed very well.

Ironically, I got a chance to talk about hyena genitalia, which is funny–not ha, ha funny, although if you’ve got a sense of humor as debased as mine, it’s pretty amusing on that level too–because just last night I went over to dinner with my parents, and we somehow started talking about hyena bits. The number of times that this topic comes up in my casual conversation is a little disturbing, and probably says something about me. I’m not sure if I should worry or not.

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