One of the small amusements of the day…

I’m an app reviewer over at Yerf, as many of you probably know, and I have occasionally seen indignant sour-grapes posting smeared ‘cross the net claiming that in order to get into the snobbish halls of the Yerf elite, you gotta be friends with Yerfites, who will then apparently just schlub you in by some unknown mechanism.

This amused me, because for the past day or two, parties who shall remain nameless have had their app delayed while the reviewers weighed in with a teeny problem–too many of us knew and liked the individual in question and thus did not feel we could provide an unbiased app review, and had to bow out, resulting in too few people to review the app at all.

The situation will doubtless get sorted out, and we seem to have enough people to cover it without much problem, but it still cracked me up, being proof that whatever inequalities and inconsistencies lurk within the review process, being friends with Yerfites seems to mean that it may actually be harder to get in (or at least, certainly no easier!)

So remember–if you want to apply to Yerf in the near future, you better alienate me now!

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