Guilt is the great motivator.

For example, I am currently drugged to the point where it’s taking me a great deal of brain power to type, and I should probably be sleeping. I have an excellent excuse for not working–pain + drugs = day off. I planned to take the day off. I cleared my schedule and made my apologies. I am not fit to operate a motor vehicle. I am barely fit to operate a blanket. I lose track of my sentences when I try to talk and end up saying “…..thing….it….um….thing…the thing….you know…”

However, as the current dose wears off and I become marginally more alert, the guilt monitor in my brain leaps up and says “You should be making art! Why aren’t you making art?! You are sitting doing NOTHING! Bad Ursula!”

I would curse the guilt, but I know too well that guilt is the motive force that drives many of us to create. Guilt is the other face of the Muse. Sometimes it’s the only face.


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