Well, today was a good morning–my article on getting into webcomics and how I make “Digger” went up over at the Sequential Tart website, (a site pretty much about comics, aimed at getting more women into the field and so forth) and I will now shamelessly plug the thing.

Plug! Plug! Plug!

There’s a coupla typos where the formatting wonked out, but I think it still holds up fairly well. I had to keep crunching back for brevity, or it would have been twice as long, but Sequential Tart wants me to contribute t’occasional article in the future, so hopefully I can talk about things like the “Leap into the abyss” plotting method at the length it deserves sometime in the future. (And hey, if anybody else has any good ideas for things they’d like to see in an article–I know we’ve covered a bunch of creative ground in this journal, and I’d hope that we’re not the only people interested in that sort of thing, so suggestions welcome! Left to my own devices, I just natter on about art and wombats…)

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