Well, great news–between everybody’s terribly touching willingness to help out, both with donations and buying prints and commissioning paintings, and my father’s generous offer of help as well–we’re covered on the tooth front. Whew. (I admit, I was a little scared. I’ve never had bad problems with my teeth before, and in addition to the, y’know, mortal agony and all, it was as if the icy hand of aging was suddenly hanging over me, which is spooky when you aren’t even thirty.)

It’s a little early for Thanksgiving sentiment, but I’m doin’ it anyway–I don’t know how I deserved such great friends, family, and fans, but I am so grateful that y’all are out there–and very touched that so many of you felt that my particular weirdness was worth helping out. *sniffle* Sketches will be going out in spurts over the next week or so. Given how many times I will be drawing Digger, I should mention that I’m getting a little…strange…so somebody will be getting Digger performing Hamlet, and Tribal Digger and all kinds of weird things, but hopefully it’ll be entertaining for all.

So, once again, to everybody–thank you all. You rock. It’s all you guys that keep us artists from getting maudlin and strange and winding up in garrets drinking absinthe straight from the bottle, gnawing on tubes of cobalt blue, and attempting to perform home dentistry with our palette knives.

And since that was all sentimental and mushy and I feel all warm and squishy, I feel obligated to close this off with something bizarre and strange to get us all back to normal functioning, preferably something with bizarre wildlife. Unfortunately, the only interesting wildlife thing I’ve turned up recently involves the evolution of the monkeyflower, which, while kind of intriguing for those of us who routinely try to work the phrase “punctuated equilibrium” into the conversation, is just not in the league of the armor-plated sea snail or the peeing vampire bats. So if anybody’s got a really good weird factoid, share with us!

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