More cuteness. Trying to drive it out of my brain. It’s like Stupid Muse Tricks. “Muahhah! Today your brain shall be full of cute things! And the week after that, nothing but conceptual art involving turkey gizzards!”

I am, therefore, trying to run through the cute as quickly and viciously as possible to get it over with. Sketches follow.

title or description

The alien’s box says “Acme Anal Probes,” because, y’know, c’mon. The shrew is worried that monsters in the woods will try to take his stuffed bunny. (I don’t know how I know these things, but I do. *sigh*) And yes, that is a naked mole rat with a tuber.

The fennec and the ant got turned into a quick painting at

Meanwhile, Digger’s opinion of all this cute is abundantly obvious.

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