I woke up this morning feeling good. I had a strange and twisted nightmare about–oddly enough–having nightmares–there was something called “the grapevine dream” that was going around that drove you nuts or freaked you out or something. (Possibly you were attacked by the California Raisins.) But then it segued into vague dreams about being a wizard zapping baddies while simultaneously trying to fix a last-minute control panel problem with “Digger” so I woke up in a fairly cheerful mood.

And Graphic Smash has gone live. ( http://www.graphicsmash.com/ ) And people said nice things about Digger so far. (We’re running the two week backlog daily–new strips for existing readers will go live on the 30th, I b’lieve, and I’ll post a note here, never fear, so that anyone wanting to wait until then won’t miss anything. On the other hand, if you sign up now for a year, you save ten bucks…) And I finished a big painting, and people have said nice things about that. And I sold a painting t’other day. And I finished up set of illos for a game book last night, and I’ve got some black and white and the Frogscape to get done this week, promising a week busy enough to be non-boring, but leisurely enough to allow me to work on some other stuff. And I have some vague notions of doing another acrylic, possibly featuring my faithful Feng Shui three-legged money frog (who’s powers I do not particularly believe in, but keep around anyway, ‘cos three-legged frogs need work where they can get it.) And James is getting a slew of contract work for the foreseeable future, so we should have real money coming in again, and I no longer have to work like a…well, a three-legged frog..trying to sell enough art to pay rent (although I still will, ‘cos it’s a matter of pride.)

And life is good.

And I was thinking vague, satisfied thoughts about how much I liked my life at the moment.

And then the toilet backed up, sending a wash of…err…stuff…and stuff-contaminated water across the bathroom floor, while I squawked and plunged frantically, as unspeakable things drifted about my ankles. And then spent half an hour with handfuls of paper towels and the mop.

So really, it just goes to show.

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