Paint, paint, paint…

Working on painting of grindylows. They’re a sort of legendary water demon. I just read two books that had them in it–a rather sanitized Harry Potter version, and demonic extradimensional mermen in “The Scar.” Decided to paint a version, which wound up looking vaugely like anthro-viperfish. I’ll probably take LE prints of it to Trinoc, although I’m not sure if anyone wants a giant print of spikey-toothed viperfish beasts on their wall. But you never know.

Did roughs for a frog-plover and a weird pair of chickeny beasties, one of which is offering the other an ice-cream with a fly on top. Assuming my sanity holds, they’ll become an acrylic and a watercolor, respectively, as I attempt to claw together enough stuff to fill my art show slot at Trinoc.

Further reporting from Anthrocon, a few random snippets…as usual, there is no predicting taste. Murphy’s Law oughta have a special corrollary specifically for art sales. What I thought would do well didn’t move at all–what I ran off merely because James made me sold madly. For example–the macaws? Sold one, to Thaily. The tiger couple? Sold maybe three, again, one to Thaily. An old piece of a bat with a smudge stick hanging off a tree-limb that no one has ever expressed any interest in, gave the original to James’s sister for Christmas because there was so little enthusiasm? Couldn’t keep it in the book, had to run off a couple new ones every night. Come to think of it, bats were really the order of the day–sold that print, sold tons of Gothbat, got a number of bat sketchbook commissions. I’d do some more with bats, but I know that doing so will insure that no one at the next furry con I do will want to get within five feet of a bat, and will instead be seeking hedgehog erotica or porcupines in drag or something.

On the bright side, my wombat shaman did quite well, (What are the odds?!) and I did a coupla wombats in sketchbooks. One of which was a self-portrait themed one, so now there is a sketch drifting around out there of a wombat in sandals and an I Heart Painter shirt, holding a graphics tablet aloft. And then there was the Amish Wombat Drooling Eagerly Over Donuts, for which full blame falls on the Sofawolf guys, which was really fun. Perhaps the day of the wombat is upon us!

Some of the other really cool sketchbooks included a frog with chopsticks, a ninja pangolin (not something you see every day!) and a kabuki moose (not something you see ANY day!) And then there was the one where the owner wanted any species, artist’s choice, only pregnant. I have a feeling he did not expect a large-breasted gravid frog, but it was the third day and I was punchy and my default setting is not to Charismatic Mammals. Hope he wasn’t too horrified. So overall, quite a fun arty sorta thing.

And now, as my frog-induced anuerysm looms on the horizon, I must make art.

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