Obviously I’ve been under too much stress lately, because as I wade sporadically through Seanbaby video reviews, in between reading the first “Cerebus” collection, which I picked up today, and actually working, I ran across the phrase “As with all ponies, our weapons are useless against them.”

I can’t possibly explain why this seemed like the funniest thing ever, but I was doubled over in my chair, clutching my spleen and whooping hysterically. Sometimes these things happen. I blame stress. Or possibly there’s too much lithium in the water. Or maybe it was this nature show I was watching that had an emaciated baby seal–most tragic sight. Ever.–and you know how it is when you see something really sad and then a little later you see something really funny and you’re already sorta at the brink of weirdness….uh…okay, maybe it’s just me.

After mis-hearing some phrase on “Monster Garage” as “figuring out how to get the hinged buttworm to fold up inside there,” with attendant mental images and further hyena-like whooping, James suggests I just give up on work, sanity, or anything else and go back to reading Cerebus for the rest of the day. It’s a weekend. He may be on to something there.

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